Intention Examples to Start Your Psychedelic Trip on the Right Foot

Chris Eubanks
3 min readOct 11, 2022
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Coming up with a psychedelic trip intention can be challenging, especially when you do not know what to ask for. Society tends to water down your convictions, and even though you feel that something is missing, you do not know exactly what it is. It might be instinctive to ask for something superficial like career advancement, or ask for something vague like “love” or “life purpose.” It’s a good idea to ask for something specific, even if what you ask for might not be what you actually need.

Why You Need an Intention

A psychedelic trip intention sets life events into motion. A trip has 3 components: intention, the trip itself, and integration. The integration is by far the most difficult, since it takes a lot of hard work to make real life changes. But intention is the setup for integration. You are telling the psychedelic fairies that you want to attain new wisdom from the trip. An intention is an agreement that you will implement this new wisdom into your life. The following are 3 intentions that can form the baseline of your trip. And they can offshoot into intentions of your own.

Am I Open?

Everyone has mental models for how life works. These mental models are formed by your life experiences and tell you how to make decisions. You adhere to your own templates, because they worked in the past. But sometimes, your model of the world becomes a closed feedback loop. You keep having the same thoughts over and over again, and keep hitting the same mental roadblocks.

Being open is about unscrambling these feedback loops and opening the door for new mental pathways. You have to let go of old fixations to allow new mental models to form. Being open to unscrambling your mind will make the ego dissolution process smoother.

Am I Present?

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