Unexpected Reverse Culture Shocks of Returning to the U.S.

Chris Eubanks
6 min readAug 22, 2022
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People Still Really Want to Be Successful in the U.S.

This is refreshing to be around. It can also be delusional for some people. Some people spend decades trying something that they will never be good at. Most of the travelers I spoke to in Europe have resigned to living a simple relaxing life. We do not really have that option in the U.S, because many of us are a layoff away from poverty. However, it is energizing being around people who are excited about their endeavors.

Impulse Buying

Everyone I know has Amazon packages arriving every week. Having lived out of a suitcase for the past 2 years, I do not buy anything that will increase my luggage weight. People’s mudrooms are full of packages, and their closets are full of unused gadgets. Europeans carefully plan their purchases, and someone told me to only buy a Winter jacket at one shop, because there was a sale. In saying this, I understand that the U.S. economy has so many high paying jobs, because we have an economy full of consumers.

I am no economist, but I have to speculate that so many fad gadget companies would go under if we did not have a populace of impulsive consumers.

Being Out of the Expat Circles is Mind Numbingly Boring

My friends are all getting engaged and buying houses. They are getting promotions at their corporate jobs. They have no free time to go on great adventures. They have accepted that their lives are slowing down. After the age of 30, it’s very difficult to find like minded people if you don’t want to settle. I want to hear about the risks people are taking and what endeavors you are excited about. This environment really only exists in the high level business community (non corporate) or the expat community.

People Are Irrationally Submissive to Their Corporate Jobs

If your company finds a more profitable way to replace you, they will. Yet people post on LinkedIn “Celebrating 3 years at this Company.” Who celebrates 3 year work anniversaries? Maybe you get to celebrate this if you are the founder of the company or you have a partnership stake. But…

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